2011 Akros Henschel CIC 1100-1400

2011 Akros Henschel CIC 1100-1400

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Brand:                                                    Akros Henschel

Model:                                                     CIC 1100-1400 14L

Technical data:

Shearing force of up to:                           1100 t

Cutting width of:                                      1400 mm

Clamping force of up to:                          350 t

Side compression force of up to:             540 t

Installed power of up to:                          550kW

Output of up to:                                       57 tph

Year of construction:                                 2011


Warranty:                                                none

Excluded:                                               Hydraulic oil Foundations                                                                      

                                                                Electrical connections

                                                                Cranes for handling Welding equipment

                                                                and welders


The machine is disassembled and immediately available.


HerstellerAkros Henschel
ModellCIC 1100-1400
BrandAkros Henschel
ModelCIC 1100-1400 14L
Cutting width of1400 mm
Output of up to57 tph
Year of construction2011
ExcludedHydraulic oil Foundations