2013 Colmar Cayman 1000 electro

2013 Colmar Cayman 1000 electro

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Shear force:                                                                   910 t.

Blocking sheet force:                                                     110 t.


Cars bales:                                                                    7/8 t/h

Profiled sheers Iron:                                                      10/11 t/h

Railway track:                                                                11/12 t/h

Medium-heavy materials bales:                                     8/9 t/h

Length:                                                                            8.000 mm

Width:                                                                              2500 mm

Height:                                                                             2850 mm

Technical specification

Electric Motor:                                                              160 kW

                                                                                     380 v/ 50 Hz

Number of Poles:                                                         4

Machine structure:                                                       Wellcraft 700

Length of blades:                                                         900 mm

Blades:                                                              reversable blades with 4 cutting edges

Conveyor blades:                                              standard

Hydraulic components:                                     REXROTH

Working pressure:                                                         350 bar

Hydraulic oil filter obstruction detector:                         no. 2 sensors

Hydraulic oil of minimum level detector:                        automatic stop

Hydraulic oil tank:                                                            2000 l.


PLC                                                                                Standard

Autodiagnostic:                                                              display

Radio remote control:                                                     yes

Weight:                                                                           39 t.



ModellCayman 1000 electro
Shear force910 t.
Blocking sheet force110 t.
Cars bales7/8 t/h
Profiled sheers Iron10/11 t/h
Railway track11/12 t/h
Medium-heavy materials bales8/9 t/h
Length8.000 mm
Width2500 mm
Height2850 mm
Electric Motor160 kW
Number of Poles4
Machine structureWellcraft 700
Length of blades900 mm
Conveyor bladesstandard
Hydraulic componentsREXROTH
Working pressure350 bar
Hydraulic oil tank2000 l.
Radio remote controlyes
Weight39 t.